Meralgia paresthetica

Check the following illustrations out. A patient comes for your help due to thigh pain. It hurts in a clearly demarcate area on the anterior and lateral region of her thigh. Pain is of a burning quality. Numbness is also felt. No motor abnormalities. Patient is overweight and has been wearing a very tight belt lately. Examination reveals data that is not compatible with central nervous system disease, specially due to the fact there is no motor abnormalities, tendon reflexes are unremarkable and Babinski’s sign is absent. What is going on? What is the most likely diagnosis? Let’s review meralgia paresthetica:

Meralgia paresthetica: clinical presentation and etiology. Click to enlarge and download

Meralgia paresthetica: diagnostic tests and management. Click to enlarge and download.

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Augusto Saldaña, M.D.

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