Myelitis vs. Guillain Barré vs. MS

Let’s take a very quick review of these demyelinating diseases. Patient comes to the ED because of limb weakness and sensory alterations. If there’s a clearly defined level with no cranial nerve and no brainstem symptoms, we may be in front of transverse myelitis. If there is in fact oculomotor weakness with dyplopia or weakness that has begun in lower limbs and is going up, it may well be Guillain Barré. If there is pain when moving eyes and vision loss (optic neuritis) and other cranial nerve and brainstem symptoms along the other motor and sensory limb symptoms, it could be multiple sclerosis. The following 3 illustrations try to define the features of each. Take a look! (Ref.

Tranverse myelitis. Click to enlarge.

Guillain Barré quick review. Click to enlarge.

Multiple sclerosis clinical features and diagnosis. click to enlarge.

Really hope you find these helpful! Remember you can download and save the illustrations in your mobile device. You could even print them in full high resolution! See ya next time! -Augusto S.

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